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Get to Know your product or services

Updated: Jul 30, 2022

Customers are more likely to trust salespeople who are confident in themselves and their products. You can boost your confidence by learning more about your products or services.

To learn about your products or services, use both traditional and creative sources of information, such as:

  • your own product-use experiences

  • Brochures and catalogs are examples of product literature.

  • online discussion boards

  • customers' feedback

  • industry and trade publications

  • internal sales figures

  • members of your team

  • Manufacturer visits

  • programs for sales training

  • information about competitors

Be Honest about shortcomings

If your product or service has some shortcomings in certain situations, speak the truth about them to your clients. Let them know early on if you don’t think your product or service is right for them and they will be more inclined to trust you when they need something in the future.

Turn product features into benefits

your own product-use experiences If your product or service has flaws in certain scenarios, be honest about them with your consumers. As you engage clients, you can utilize your knowledge to guide them through the sales process and make their experience one they'll want to repeat.

Successful salespeople understand all of their products' characteristics and know-how to turn them into benefits for their consumers.

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