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What is Digital Analytics in Marketing

Updated: Jul 30, 2022

In the context of marketing, digital analytics refers to the tools that are used to evaluate and report on marketing data obtained through the digital channels where your company is active. Social media networks like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn are examples of these channels. Your display or search ads, email, affiliate marketing sites, and a variety of other things could be among them.

Let's take a look at digital analytics in marketing from the perspective of the customer. Assume a customer adds an item to their cart and clicks the purchase button. You've gained a new customer. However, you've met this individual before.

You probably engaged with them hundreds of times and in multiple locations. They were aware of your company long before you were aware of it.

They researched your brand on social media, spotted a reference in a blog post, and looked up your top competitors.

They were interested in the useful information you provide on the internet.

You've been connecting for a long time before that transaction. Digital analytics marketing guarantees that such connections are meaningful. This is how you achieve measurable business results.

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