What’s the Difference Between Copywriting and Content Writing?

Updated: Jul 30

It's possible that some materials you read or hear claim that content writing and copywriting are two whole distinct things.

There is some truth to this, but we'll clarify the point at which this distinction begins to fall apart.

The drafting of marketing and promotional materials is generally referred to as copywriting. Writing content, on the other hand, refers to creating informative or opinionated pages for websites, such as blog entries, article pages, or product pages.

This accurately describes what each term means.

However, some definitions state that content writing is purely informative and lacks any element of persuasion, implying that it is not copywriting.

This distinction is not shared by AWAI.

Almost all web pages will contain some form of persuasion or call to action.

This is especially noticeable on a product page with a prominent "Buy Now!" button at the bottom.

However, even an article page contains subtle calls to action, typically in the form of links to additional resources or suggestions for other pages on the site.

All of these are elements of persuasion.

As a result, claiming that content writing is distinct from copywriting is incorrect.

We believe that content writing is simply a subset of copywriting.

And, like any good copywriting, content writing aims to engage the reader and compel them to take action, even if that action is simply staying on a website to read another page.

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